Happy Republic Day

Republic day….🇮🇳 And our childhood memories strike on our mind, Rallying around the village or town, shouting slogans, school parades, cultural programs. For many IT sector people, republic day is a holiday. This year, it’s on friday, so back to back holidays for many. 😁 let’s put all these conviniences apart and lets learn a bit about republic day. 😊

India got it’s independence on 15 August 1947, but the process of preparing a constitution for independent india had already started in november 1946. A constituent assembly was formulated on the lines of Cabinet Mission Plan. The process of preparing a constitution continued till 26 november 1949, roughly 2 years after getting our independence. On 26 november 1949, we adopted this constitution. That’s why we celebrate 26 november as constitution day in India. Now the provisions of this constitution came into force on 26th January 1950. That’s why we celebrate 26 January as Republic day.

That’s the summery of history behind these celebrations.. Anyway, does any one of you know what this word Republic means? Well, you will say, it’s a very general term. Indeed, it has some meaning. The term republic indicates that the head of our state is elected member. The head of state in India is President who is elected by members of parliament (MP) and members of state legislative assemblies (MLAs). So elected head of state makes India a Constitutional Republic. In contrast to this, the head of state in Britain is a monarch 👑 and not a member elected by people, which makes Britain a Constitutional Monarchy.

Back in 1947, many experts and western scholars doubted that India will not be able to survive much longer. They believed that the principle behind forming Indian state is unsustainable. They all believed that in order to form a state, people should have some common identity. This identity could be based on language, religion, caste, sect, ethnicity. In fact, the states in Europe are mostly formed on ethnic lines after disintegration of Roman empire. But in India, because of the diversity in indian population, it’s practically impossible to find out common identity on these lines of ethnicity, language, religion etc. That’s the reason for scholars to doubt the sustainability of Indian state. But look at us now, we proved that all wrong, and still standing firm with this constitution, celebrating unity in diversity.

The point here is, we are still standing together because of our tolerance to diversities. And that’s what makes us Indians. We proved the forefathers of our constitution right against all the odds. And that’s a very big thing for me, so I am gonna celebrate this republic day. Wish you all very very happy republic day. 🇮🇳 😀



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